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PC Hard Drive Repair

Is your hard drive clicking or noisy? Maybe your computer is slow or not opening some files. Stop work right away to avoid further issues and we’ll be happy to replace your drive and ensure your files are safe. Upfront free diagnostics are provided to determine physically failing hard drives and data recovery costs.

Common bad hard drive scenarios we support:

Clicking / noisy hard drive sounds
Slow PC start-up
Windows doesn’t load
Blue screen errors
Can’t open files / programs
Can’t access Internet or peripherals
Need to recover files
Need to repair hard drive

Got a bad hard drive? Should it be repaired or replaced?

If it’s a physically failing PC hard drive, then it has to be replaced no matter what. It cannot be magically repaired as that won’t be a stable hard drive repair solution. You’ll know it’s failing if your hear clicking or our hard drive test diagnostics show bad sectors. If you dropped your laptop, there may be a good chance your hard drive is physically or mechanically failing.
If there’s a corruption within the Windows operating system or registry, then we can recover your files, if needed, and then reinstall your operating system. This is a case where your hard drive does not have to be replaced.
If your computer is reacting slowly when fetching files or saving, there’s a good chance your hard drive may be starting to fail. In that case, it’s safer to replace it then trying to salvage it.
If your computer is smoking, stop, drop, and roll! And then turn it off right away. You hard drive or another part may be up in smoke and well, you know the answer here…it will certainly need to be replaced.

PC Hard Drive Repair
Dhs350 – 500GB Hard Drive + Operating system
Dhs425 – 750GB Hard Drive + Operating system
Dhs475 – 1TB Hard Drive + Operating system
Dhs550+ Solid State Drive + Operating system