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Apple Watch Repair Dubai

As your go-to i-everything service, we are excited to start supporting your Apple Watch. Whether you need your Apple watch screen replaced or need help setting up your Apple Watch for the first time, we are ready to help! Do not lose any more time integrating your Apple Watch into your Apple ecosystem!

Issue: Cracked front screen or another broken part for the 42mm watch

Causes:Drop, fall, impact, defective LCD / touch screen

Solution:Replace or repair affected part

Parts:Only original and brand new

Repair time:To be determined

Warranty:60 days

iWatch Battery Replacement


Apple Watch Force Touch Repair/Replacement


Apple watch repair service we provide

  • Apple Watch not charging

  • After restarting your watch, resetting or even updating its iOS hasn`t resolved the charging issue; there are chances for a hardware problem. We can help you fix your apple watch charging problem.

  • Apple watch overheating

  • If your Apple Watch is getting hot while on the charger, you are not alone. Many users have complained about this problem. It is usual for your watch, power adapter and charging cord to become warm when attached to a power source, though not to turn to boil.

  • iWatch not turning-on

  • If your apple watch is experiencing problems and refusing to power on, you might aspire to find why it behaves and how to resolve it. This problem occurs mostly when you take your Apple Watch to the pool. In most cases, the iWatch will turn on but will not work or even trip off later.

  • Apple iWatch glass broken

  • Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo

  • iWatch battery draining quickly

  • Water damaged Apple watch repair

    5 star review  Got my series 5 apple watch screen replaced today. Nobody in Dubai seems to replacing apple watch series 5 screen. These guys did it. Many Thanks.

    thumb Sofia Johnson

    5 star review  My Apple Watch Series 5 screen was broken, it was cellular version. Got it fixed here, all working as expected, took 2hrs overall. Apple will charge you an arm and leg for such repair, got it done for almost half the price, very reasonable. There are small debris of glue in the gaps, not very obvious though. I’m ok with the quality of repair for the price.

    thumb Mohamed Muzammil

    5 star review  Quick friendly service

    thumb Peter Bopape

Why don’t I just go to Apple to repair my Apple watch?

Go to the Genius Bar or not? That is the question. If you paid $49 upfront for AppleCare+ and don’t mind paying $69 on top of that, then Apple is the choice for you. But wait! Yes, the wait is the choice word here. There is a definite wait for your Apple Watch service. Being that the Apple Watch is short on supplies, don’t expect a same-day turn-around or even an ETA on when it may be fixed at all.

If you don’t have AppleCare+ or know you didn’t pay an extra beyond the watch cost, then you’re deemed out of warranty. A broken screen will set you back almost the same price you paid for with the Sport model, the steel watch, and the gold edition. You also have to worry about the wait time on repairs at Apple.

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