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Screen Replacement

Issue: Cracked front glass and / or broken LCD

Causes:Drop, fall, impact, defective LCD

Solution:Replace Nexus screen full screen assembly

Parts:Only original and brand new

Repair time:1-3 hours

Warranty:6 months

  7 (1st)7 (2nd)910     
Screen Replacement Prices$89$109$185$275     

Best Asus Google Nexus Screen Repair Experts in NYC

Our NYC Google Nexus screen replacement service is quick, easy, and affordable. Yes, you didn’t pay a lot for the Nexus the first place so we want to make sure you don’t have to spend a lot for the Nexus screen replacement. Get an affordable rate and speedy service. Our service includes replacing the whole screen assembly which is the LCD and outer glass. We want to ensure both parts are fully functional so we will do a thorough job for you. Your files and everything will be working like it did before. Those items are not touched. We just focus on the screen replacement.