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Laptop Spill Repair

Spilled water, coffee or wine on your laptop? Guardianz can help fixing the computer. Our highly skilled engineers will analyze the issue for free and give you a very fair estimate and details about parts damaged.

Laptop Liquid Damage service includes:

  • Free analysis and estimate
  • Complete system disassemble
  • Cleaning of all parts separately
  • Air-Dry and hot gun dry and re-assembling
  • Replacement of damaged parts
  • Quick Data recovery service

Spilled water on your laptop? What should you do first?

  1. Don’t turn it back on! If you are lucky then it might just turn on and damage a part and turn off again, but if you are not lucky enough then it will damage further more parts and can lead to whole logic board failure.
  2. Turn laptop face down and keep the lead open. You need no magic wands, rice bags or a hair dryer, simple touch of gravity is all it needs. Water will slip through chips and go down. Keep it like that for 24hours at least.
  3. After 24 hours, turn it on and on lucky chances, it will turn on just fine. In some cases, some of the keyboard keys might stop working as a sacrifice to prevent further damage to your laptop. Bring your laptop to us and we will replace your keyboard at a very reasonable cost.



Laptop Spill Repair
Dhs300 + parts