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iPhone Screen Replacement Dubai

Issue: Cracked front glass and / or broken LCD

Causes:Drop, fall, impact, defective LCD / touch screen

Solution:Replace iPhone full screen assembly

Parts:Only from the original Apple factory and brand new

Repair time:20 minutes

Warranty:6 months

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Screen Replacement Prices1485Dhs1455Dhs1190Dhs385Dhs635Dhs550Dhs550Dhs265Dhs240Dhs255Dhs225Dhs

iPhone Screen Replacement in Dubai

We always have iPhone screens in stock and are ready to replace yours right away. After all, you need your iPhone to be working non-stop and every moment without it feels like an eternity. We understand you need your iPhone right away and area ready to accommodate. You won’t get the response, “Sorry, we will have to order the screen first.” Nope, not here. Instead, you’ll hear us so, “No problem, it will take just 15-20 minutes. Have a seat, enjoy some coffee or water and we’ll have your iPhone fixed in no time!” Stop in for a super-fast cracked screen repair service.